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Vodka Juniors // All them Clowns // (2002)

Recorded in Athens, Greece

Cannonball Records

All music and lyrics by Vodka Juniors

Out of Print // Sold Out

Print Edition included Comic book with lyrics by Dimitris Kallianos




One day less in this fucking mess.  It is a racing of fear,  so swallow your tears cause nothing goes on before you know it’s gone. Feeling so useless and wasting my time, the foolish the losers don’t wonder why and days go by. You won’t make a soldier out of me! Thoughts are partying at night with filled up cups they’re screaming for life. They come out stronger every time, yeah that’s right they don’t have discipline, character, obedience. What are you going to do about  that?  I don’t care... Fuck I’m not going to wake everyday at six, you’re not going to push me around, like this serving something I don’t believe in, dressed  in shit I’m not meant to fit in. So screw this whole shit, 18 months flushed down the toilet. Scratching your ass without doing anything cause everything is out there. You won’t make a soldier out of me or me or me  No fucking way




Temperatures are rising and blood is flowing dirty, faces look uglier than ever before, so let’s go! The room is small, I can sense your heart beating kids bound to burst in unstoppable frenzy. It’s a fucking war that we have already won, no opposite sides, just us on the floor. Strained feet are shaking, can’t wait anymore, I don’t care who is playing, as long as their fast and raw. Frustration turns to anger, the devil haunts your soul and he is a punk rocker just move and dance it all away, no room for attitudes just dirty shapes, jump inside and I will pick you up if you fall down. Make my nose bleed and I’ll buy you the next round. Raised hands with one voice we all shout : “You know we can speak for ourselves, we believe nothing you say, we got more than it takes to burn this city down and we don’t care how long it’s been around”  Right now there are no problems or dreams the chase, there are no pretty smells just the adrenalin of the sweat on the floor. Trash this place up!




Hate crimes and brainless acts by fascists and real Nazis.  We put our concept of these perpetrators and say no! There’s nobody and  know... fuck yeah we do.  Move on with your life, you’re so far behind, put on a baseball cup take off this fake smile, don’t drink and drive, nothing is happening or gets worse everyday no help is encouraging. Having long hair is not a crime, yeah! We all deserve equal rights. Respect yourself don’t be narrow minded.  The colour of your skin doesn’t really matter. Struggle for life is what some people are facing and your stupid heads are not making it easy. We got through the tunnel and having no fear get off the track. We know how to fight back. The mask that you wear. Are you really a tough guy? Who can you protect, not even yourself. You’re so full of shit. Show off full of muscles, so tell me the truth do you spit or swallow




Elected by the same system you created, fuck politics. It’s just another bloodsucking business. Fuck politics. Why the fuck are you doing this for? Getting paid for not caring at all. Pretending to make important decisions . Fuck diplomacy, it’s just a way to spend money  your people needs at home, have you ever discussed anything useful at all?  Your politics are wasting my time.  Can you save me? Fingers point eager, to distribute blame, they  can’t afford their hands stained, their eyes roll in shame and we are running out of time… walking over me… GET THE FUCK OUT! Bloodstained money    Backing your party campaigns  Voting is about who fucks with our lives less these days. Choice is an illusion, can you hear the confusion? At the back of the room some people are shouting can anyone hear them? Their voice is kept low so they won’t bother you… your politics are wasting my time, you can’t save me




Free to go, free for life, fuck the boss, he’s a joke, there’s no time, left to lose, sixteen seconds. Tell your friends, the latest news, we were not born to lose, raise your glass, enjoy the scene, sixteen seconds. Let’s go mad, let’s get caught. Sitting sux, don’t complain, it’s just a game with no rules, sixteen seconds. It’s a curse, it’s a spell, hit the streets, fun for free, it’s the end of the world in sixteen seconds. Smash your tv set, trash everything up, I ‘ll take the blame, just don’t say I didn’t try




So we have a running disorder, trapped by questionable morality, followed by homophobes and human rights abuse politics. Their strikes plague our freedom. I say it is English slavery, some say that it’s not, assholes with red white skin. Bombarding the people who live by the day, licking the asses of the American state. Open your eyes, deep breath, no more lies, takes less than a year, just anger no fear. Why don’t you try something better? You can choose your way of life but you don’t intercept us, there is one thing we all live for, integrity and freedom. Why does it always take a fucking lifetime? We have to raise our voice to get what we deserve. Same shit different day… Why don’t you move on?




My world! Fuck you I want something better. No training camps, no military schools, always sunny weather. Playgrounds for kids, hanging out on the streets, riding. Skateboard parks and drinking bars, riding bikes no fucking cars, punk rock shows and crowded squares, no cinemas promoting your lifestyles and products. What I like most about this world is that it seems so fucked up to you. Just say no to what they offer you, puke on reality, abort the misery, before they send you right to hell, gotta find a better deal. I just want to grow up to be the drunkest straight edge guy around, in a world where the prettiest girls are rude, bad and drunker than you. I won’t sit around and watch you fuck this place up, whatever you destroy we ‘ll build it up from scratch. I have thousands of dreams and I want them to come true, what ever made you think this world belongs to you? Every time I try to do something on my own you end up standing in front of my face, this neighborhood won’t bring me down no more. Refuse to conform to the luxury of boredom, another self destructing Sodom is coming on! Just say no to what they offer you, puke on reality, abort the misery, before they send you right to hell, gotta find a better deal. My world! Won’t wait to be asked, won’t wait to be told, I got my plans sprayed out on the wall, and what I like most is that it seems so fucked up to you!




Stop pushing me I forgot what the fuck we ‘re fighting for. Stand up till you die, fight for your reasons and for a blue sky. Stand up till you die, the future’s right ahead, fight against the tide. Equality, you really want it? Keep fighting for it. Why can’t you see? Organizations won’t save your asses. Try, let’s settle the score, I thought about it you ‘re so wrong. Got to bomb their foundations not with bombs but with words. Act now! Well I have lots of expectations, and all I need is some explanation Why what you think is wrong for me is right? And it’s no surprise when it’s hard to make up your mind sometimes. You have to look straight to the eyes… I ‘m so fucking tired of hearing these slogans on and on again by those cowards who shout “Stand up, fight back” and then go home where they ‘re safe… Shut your fucking mouth and take matters on your own hands, change is applauded but can you afford it? Eyes shut and folded tight, ideas always fade at night, I can’t distinguish the enemy from you no more…

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