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Vodka Juniors is a live band, we like to play everyday and create emotional experiences in hostile environments. With the help of the friends we make along the way we make sure we bring mayhem wherever we go, and we don't stop until there's blood on our strings and a pool of sweat on the floor...

Balkan Tour March 2018 | Warrior Anthems

8.3 Larisa, Stage (w/ The Overjoyed)
9.3 Bitola, Longoni Billiards
10.3 Skopje, Cafe Bravo
11.3 Krusevac, Klub Zamajac
12.3 Nis, Feedback
14.3 Beocin, Underground Disco (w/ Norveška šuma)
15.3 Novi Sad, Fabrika
16.3 Timisoara, Manufactura
17.3 Cluj Napoca, Form Space (w/ E.M.I.L.Pistol cu Capse, @Satelites)
18.3 Iasi, Hala Fix (w/ B.P.C)
20.3 Bucharest, Control Club
21.3 Craiova, Wave 84
23.3 Sofia, Grindhouse Skateclub
24.3 Thessaloniki, WE (w/ 63 HIGH & Shoplifters)
25.3 Volos, Lab Art (w/ 63 High & STRAY ALLEY)
31.3 Athens, Gagarin 205 (w/ Junkheart & 10 To Go)

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