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Vodka Juniors // Drunk & Loud // (2001)

Recorded in Camden Town, UK

Cannonball Records

All music and lyrics by Vodka Juniors

Out of Print // Sold Out



Sucker I ain’t your toy, sucker. I’m just a boy, I wonder what you were thinking when you kicked his head… Do you feel a man? Power is what gets you high, you go home and beat your wife.  Wasted is the way you’re living, I hope you got no children… Do you really think you’re in control? Well, we’re not gonna take it anymore… All dressed up and ready to go, wishing for some beating action. Brainless is what you are, fuck you is all we have to say. Do you really think you’re in control, well we’re not gonna take it anymore…. Your authority means shit to me.



I remember times with no worries, times with nothing to think about, times full of aggrevation with no need for explanation, parents asking “Why did you do that?” Then we grow older responsibility comes in place of fun, do this do that, don’t have too much fun! Go to university and waste your time, lose your friends it’s not a crime. Growing old facing facts, my opinion it really sucks.  Who was that dumb shit who said everyone must do something in their lives and just told me to compromise? Who said I should make a successful career? All I want is play bass and drink beer.  No ambition for the future, just a brainless pointless creature…  Drinking booze, eating junk, chewing gum, getting drunk, hanging out lifting beers, making friends, screaming cheers. Make me fly or let me die, desperation waits nearby, when depression fills my guts. I’m going crazy, going nuts.



Oh fuck I’m happy today, everything’s going my way. Drinking beers in the sun, drinks on me to everyone. There’s no reason should there have to be one? I’ve tried so hard, I’ve done everything I can. So what if we failed? So, what if we lost? I’m going out to have fun. I know that my turn will come! Don’t try to get me down, don’t try to make me sad. There’s nothing you can do that will make me look bad. I don’t wanna hear about your problems at all, I take a day off from all that’s wrong in this world. It’s my day today and I’m gonna use it my way, go out with my friends. I don’t care what you say… I know “girls just wanna have fun” but boys just wanna get drunk tonight….



I saw you last night beating up each other once again.  I’ve tried so hard but I can’t see what’s the point.  There’s more in life don’t waste it. I don’t care how tough you are, wish you could just help me figure it out.  Unite and resist, get back on the streets cause you got to fight for what you believe in, whining won’t ever help, strive for change, for a better place. Unite and resist against this confusion, you got to fight it’s the only solution whining won’t ever help, strive for change, for a better place. This ain’t no slogan, it ain’t no fucking fashion you just got to put it in your head.  Look around what do you see? They’re trying  to take away from you all the things that you like, who is gonna help you when it’s time? I’m not saying everything sucks these days just stay together “think positive”, and there’s nothing they can ever take away from us.



I don’t give a shit what clothes you wear and I don’t give a fuck what you do with your hair, you’re all pumped up and your body is looking perfect. Girls like you but I don’t really care cause cool kids suck.  You spend two hours looking at the mirror, everyone likes you and all your friends too.  This ain’t no fashion show, no one here’s impressed by you, it’s a punk rock show, so move and sweat and just be happy that you ripped your shirt cause cool kids suck.



It’s early in the morning and it’s time to go to school, eyes wide open but still can’t see a thing.  Can’t fight temptation, another detention, the teacher’s got problems and he takes them out on me. Leave this place go out get drunk and loud fuck this place go out get drunk and loud. You got a job you gotta make a living, can’t stand the boss he’s always fucking screaming.  Can’t stand rejection once again feeling shit.  Take a break things will change we don’t have to win this race. Leave this job go out get drunk and loud, fuck this job go out get drunk and loud. Shout there’s gotta be a choice, leave this place raise your voice  I wanna hear some fucking noise. Leave this place go out get drunk and loud. Fuck this place go out get drunk and loud.



I am tired of your lies and of everything you preach, please tell me are you getting rich? How much is enough? But who am I to judge, I’m just another stupid kid.  The way you look at me and the things you say to us it is just the crap you wanna us to be.  How much is enough? But who am I to judge, I’m just another stupid kid. Rotten inside. Don’t you tell me what I’m supposed to be. Don’t you decide what’s best for all of us.  The news, the magz, you are all worse than trash. Looks great outside, it’s fucking rotten inside.  Still I can’t stand it when you take advantage of this city and its people to get what you want.  You look in our eyes, with your big fucking smiles and you tell us this city belong to its people.  I don’t know, am I wrong? But I was never asked for anything at all….



It’s 12 o’clock and I just woke up, it’s fucking hot se we headed for the beach, picked up the others on the way and a couple of drinks to get us through the day… Katia’s always taking good care of us, she might get angry sometimes and pretend she doesn’t like us, but now it’s summer and we got to find a way to get what we want… Drinking at the bar, we’re all strangers here but it feels like we’re all in this together. Summer nights is all I wish for, summer nights is all I dream for, slow down take your time we’ll be staying for a while summer’s here to stay…. The music’s always shitty but a few more drinks and I might start to like it, or we might get lucky and they’ll play a ramones song. I just wish you could all be here as well… Drinking at the bar, we’re all strangers here but it feels like we’re in a mission together… Try, try, let it go, come on get up alright.  I wanna get some drinks.  Everybody’s up from early morning, they’ve gone surfing but I’m still fucked up from yesterday I can barely move my feet… Slow days fast night it’s all about the summer nights…. Drinks on me


Recorded 2001 in Camden Town UK

All music and lyrics by Vodka Juniors

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