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Pubriot IPA


It was just another summer day downstairs at the Vodka Juniors studio. The speakers were bleeding with rage and the walls were violantly vibrating to the relentless sound of truth. As if this was not enough a long bearded, menacing Satyr entered the room and like an errupting volcano he threw up a sea of hops flooding the room to the ceiling. It was bizzare. It was insane. It was pure madness. We silently looked at each other and nodded under the warmth of mutual understanding. In the war against mainstream trash, we've found comrads in the most perculiar places. So in our endless quest to always question authority Pubriot was born. Nurtured with love and brewed in hate, the result is this IPA that will go down in history... or in worst case down our throats.

In hop seas we sail!

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