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Vodka Juniors // Suburbancore // (2004)

Recorded in Athens, Greece

Cannonball Records // Playfalse Records

All music and lyrics by Vodka Juniors

Out of Print // Sold Out

Print Edition included Comic book with lyrics by Betty, Anna, Peio & Sofia




Bastard rules for all us fools, well I don’t know if I wanna be a part of it. Sick bastards how can you be so fucking arrogant? This scene doesn’t belong to you. It doesn’t belong  to anyone. Who are you to judge me and decide what is right or wrong? Most times I would back you’re telling me but it all falls apart. When you try to preach me with a coke in your hands.  You arrogant fucks if you really  want to put a label on us try “the kids that won’t follow your punk rock rules” This is the only thing we’ve got and you’re destroying it with your lectures and politically correct  bullshit. All I hear is shit coming out of your mouth. Stop trying to put a label on me. You claim  to be all against authority but you’re exercising it every fucking hour. Well that is fucking sick. Fuck off…




You can’t control the state you’re in,  your situation makes me sick. I’m not your dad, the things I’ve said it’s all because I really care. No it won’t change, so don’t complain unless you try to ease the pain. I told you once, I told you twice, your boring life is built on lies. I saw you last month and you had these big plans laid out, so excited and so sure you found a way out.  Yesterday  I saw you laying in your back with a liquid brain you can’t do much of your life. The time was right I wished the best, sorry but I had to get if off my chest. It’s all in your hands to make a change, I’ m so sick of your lame excuses. Get out of your fucking cage... if you’re gonna run in circles, do it in the pit



Girls with plastic bodies mean nothing to me, I see them all day on the magz and TV. Your body looks great just as it is why don’t you throw away  those fucking pills and burn all them photos, burn all them posters, fuck all them posers. I’m so sick and tired of you fucking with our heads, and I don’t want no beauty queen sponsored by  your brands.  Anorexic girls make me wanna throw up. Diets, pills and other crap, eat what the fuck you want, I want you like that. The girls that break your heart won’t catch your eye on the street, they don’t know the latest trend, won’t see them posing on the beach. What the fuck do I care about your latest photo shoot? On the next don’t use a camera for the benefit of everyone… use a gun…




Woke up this morning and I felt like shit. My stomach was spinning , my braincells  were dead. People were awful and angry around me, who are these fools in my life that surround me. I wonder how much more I can give as today the city is burning to live. From junkies to cops and losers to punx, who the fuck do they wanna be?  Do they want a part of me? Smoking and drinking is all I’ve been thinking since I got out of bed. Through all this frustration I can’t find my way, smoke’s too thick to see. What is wrong with the world today? Or should I say what’s wrong with me? Sometimes what I feel is really hard to explain or am I just a no use freak…




Lived  through the eyes of other people’s lives, you got to have control. Another truth well told, another game blindfold, got to have it all. A game I won’t let you play in my garden. I feel  puzzled, on the edge of frustration there can be no hesitation. All you have to do is breathe to the smoke that goes out of your TV. All you got to do is  stand and watch. No matter the bullshit that you’re served  anytime and everywhere, you can always see but never  touch. Well I’m an angry man I can do the worst I can, to make you suffer. This world is not enough to compete  any other. There’s nothing left to tear cause nobody’s out there. No communication... A few minutes to recall, it’s me you turned your back on…..




The world keeps turning, forgive me if I choose to go the wrong way but I don’t want to join you. I have got my doubts about us being the only species with intelligent thought walking on this planet. Compromise is a word that I will never use cause I just can’t stand all this fucking abuse. We’re all guests. This is not our home and if we don’t treat it right, we’re bound to get thrown out of sight. If that’s called intelligence I’d rather  be fucking stupid.  These are the outcomes of corrupted minds and they don’t represent me. Back me up, back me up, make it stop! World destruction is coming up. Revenge and fury, it is nature’s call irreversible fatal fall...




Fucked up ideas are thrown to my brain. You’re boiling the blood that runs through my veins. If you keep on pushing do you really think I will break? How much more of your  shit do you think I can take (before I explode)?  Question everything and disguise your actions. This is not a song built on reactions. Some things are better told cold as they are, simple and shallow but powerful enough. For 7 years I drunk the whole world dry, still I can’t sleep no matter how hard I try and I feel like I’m losing myself. For 7 years I did everything you said and nightmares possessed a life well planned. I am not going to take it no more. No we will never do what you say... nothing more, nothing new, no moral, no story. Philosophical thoughts or poetic words. Just the need to express our rage and give it all out straight to your face




Alone again facing the aftermath and  feeling the cold of other people’s eyes I’d rather be disguised. All I wanted to do is everything for you but it seems once again my feelings are bleeding in the trash and this time I have no strength. Just a stupid boy all alone, all day long I keep telling myself I’m not fucked up but I’ve got things to say.  So many things I want to say now you’re not around, everything seems boring and meaningless now and all the drinks in the world can’t save me now.  I wish I was the one to make the difference. I can’t see you as a friend, I wish I could just make you smile but every time I try everything falls to pieces again.  I have the talent to torture myself and make others suffer, why? I just can’t get it right. Someday I hope I might. Yesterday you made me feel  I could fly, today I know how it feels to die.  You’ll never know how much I care and it’s all unconditional




The basement rats are getting restless tonight, crawling underneath, It’s a good day to die.  A nightmare for the landlord clueless he lies, silk sheets won’t protect him tonight.  Soon they will be trashing the floors reclaiming their life. All they ever wanted was to see the light. Armed to the teeth revenge is on sight. Come down, rats all around, come down and join the uprising sound.  Smoke is all around and nothing in this world can stop them now.  Can you feel the excitement it’s trashing the floors? Feel their soul as it finally explodes like firecrackers illuminating the sky. This is the day let it all out, what is fucking hidden inside...




This one’s for the kids that will never grow up. This one’s for the kids that never gonna stop. They  won’t  conform, they never gonna fall this one’s for the kids that want it all.  Today it’s a good day  can you feel it all?  Leave all your problems outside the fucking door.  This night is ours we deserve it all so grab your boards and go to the show.  Everyone thinks you’re against the whole world but it’s true that the whole world is against you. Their fucking problem gonna trash it up tonight. Don’t be afraid cause I got news for you. I’m right by your side making sure you won’t fall down when the bastards come pushing you so get up, come out.  This story ain’t for sure no Hollywood movie but I dare you it’s gonna have a Hollywood ending cause it takes much more than this to bring us down. This night is ours we deserve it more, so grab your boards and go to the show.




I can feel it in the air, we got so down, up is only way now. Is this going on forever or is it getting better? Stop thinking, start living, you’ve had enough.  This time it’s for real cause I’m really fucking pissed, we’re living in a fake world that doesn’t exist.  Recycled thoughts that have no meaning, we’ve lost  touch with reality and we’re gonna fall. We’re all addicted to fucking depression.  It’s time that you kick out that sick habit. The truth is far from what you think, you’re blinded by your stupid thoughts.  Try to see through it all, disappointed by all you keep on thinking “this is what I’m worth for…..” You got to fight it always together, always forever, you got to fight all these people’s minds.  They don’t deserve your sympathy if they don’t appreciate your existence.  I am going up and you’re  all coming with me.  We got so high you need an army to hold us down




I feel like a stranger in the place I grew up, no one cares and no one knows, locked inside we’re all hiding our fears, signs read something that’s good for us I’m told. The kids I grew up work 24/7 with big plans and careers, some couldn’t take it now they’re crawling for beers, and I’m disgusted by the market that replaced my neighbor’s corner store. This neighborhood is dead and so long fucking gone. Life trapped in black boxes you can pretend as much as you want but it’s gone. Drunk all day, just hiding my fears, drunk all day, just like they want me to be. Drunk all day I can cause no troubles or so they think. Optimism isn’t helping no more, positive attitudes won’t keep me standing no more.  (I need to do something to) get your hands off our neighborhood. Ghost town, running up and down, get out! Begging with a shout.  Fucked up place like a big big cage, gonna break the chains and go back to the days.   Sometime the sun will fucking rise, you just won’t see it cause it hides behind your 6 store house.  You will never see a brighter day living like a fucking mouse...




45 photos, it’s an illustrated show. Everything for free, egos rising up and grow. Girls go crazy, they scream and shout. Get off the ramp cause the bullshit crew is out.  Sponsored superstars, they own this place, turned our hearted home to advertising games.  Fear and shame, what a fucking disgrace, you call this a demo but I call it rape.  Ride, ride, day and night like back in the days.  Whatever happened to carefree ways?   So go on take em all, your boards and bikes, you’re just a bunch of stupid kids nobody likes.  New week, new deck, your attitude is shit.  Your raped our home and made it a trend. “Lifestyle”. “Promos” such stupid words, for all you suckers I wrote these 4 chords




I’ve been busting my head all day thinking of a place far away.  Time spent dreaming of a life worthwhile, sensitive hearts have been sentenced to life.  Not enough body bags for all them body parts, I can now see it’s crystal clear to me, it ain’t worth living in apathy.  Censored ideas are realized in my mind, horrified by thoughts nurturing inside. I’m sick of this life, sick of this shit, why won’t you let me live inside my dreams?  Middle fingers rising from the middle east, there’s nothing in this world worth the life of all those kids.  Not enough body bags for all them body parts.  I can now see, it’s crystal clear to me, It ain’t worth living in apathy. Bedtime stories conquer my soul, cause  I’m pretty sure that no one gives a fuck about my thoughts no more

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