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This album is dedicated to all the people who patiently waited and generously gave us the time we needed to finish it. To all the people across the world that take care of us and welcome us to their homes. To all the insane kids that make our shows such an unbelievable experience.  Thanx for being a part of this and most of all thanx for spreading the madness and creating mayhem wherever we go...The last two years we’ve been away all the time... away to record, away to rehearse, away on tour. The most sincere and heartfelt appreciation goes to all our friends and families for being always there when we returned home. This record is our humble attempt to return the love we have received over the years. An attempt to break all music boundaries and deliver an emotional bloodbath through words, sound and rhythm. We wish we could play everyday. This is our life one show at a time...


- Vodka Juniors

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